Macbeth 5th December

Fame, glory, love, power, wealth, sex, happiness … but at what cost? How far will man go to get his deservings? Bloody murder, dark magic, gory ghosts, suffocating madness and brutal war shade this tragic love story as Shakespeare’s regicide-thirsty villains learn the hard way that “blood will have blood” …
Join local professional Shakespeare specialists, Bowler Crab as they return to an old favourite of theirs, the Scottish play! This shortened version of the play was first performed in 2018 for Battle Arts and Rye Arts Festivals before BC had started performing at Manor Barn Bexhill. This magic Tragedy mainly concerns the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they take control of the Scottish throne under the influence of witches – spells, prophecies, devious plots, angry exchanges, bloody murders and a tragic love story. Four actors play multiple roles in this 100 minute production (excluding interval).

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